About the Authors

Pearl Bernstein Gardner once taught piano lessons with her husband, Elmer Bernstein; she went on to accompany him on the red carpet and at the most exclusive Hollywood parties and clubs. She was a Hollywood insider during the upheaval of the McCarthy era, the deaths of major studios, and the censorship and persecution of many in the film industry. She is also a retired attorney.
The Authors Img Gerald Gardner is the author of the New York Times best-selling satire series Who’s in Charge Here?, as well as numerous books including All the Presidents’ Wits, Robert Kennedy in New York, The Censorship Papers, and The Way I Was, the memoir of composer Marvin Hamlisch. He helped launch the hit TV series Get Smart! and The Monkees, and was co-creator of the popular satire That Was the Week That Was. He served as an advisor to Robert Kennedy during his campaign for the US Senate.